Tasteful holiday decorating: Easter

If you’re a home decor addict, like me, you probably spend hours browsing the seasonal section at your favourite stores. I get it. Holidays are fun, and filling your home with signs of the season is a great way to get in the spirit. But when it comes to decorating for the holidays, I’m a firm believer that less is more.


There are a few reasons.

Firstly, if you put time and effort into designing your space, everything you add, even temporarily, should suit the vibe you’ve created. Overdoing it on holiday kitsch usually works against that principle.

Secondly, simple subtle touches tend to have a lifespan beyond the holiday they’re celebrating. If you do it right, you shouldn’t have to furiously tear down your Valentine’s decor on February 15th.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, the more you buy, the more you store (or waste). Going overboard on holiday decor means you have to find a place for it in the off season, or get rid of it and start again next year. Uncool.

Here are my tips for adding Easter flair to your home with a subtle, tasteful touch.


  1. Start with the front door. A seasonal wreath that adds a pop of colour to your home reminds you and your guests that spring is around the corner. Making a statement at your entryway says, “Hey, I love holidays as much as the next guy” without cramping your interior style. I purchased this wreath at Target last year. It’s easy to store and because it doesn’t scream EASTER!!, I don’t feel obligated to take it down before I run out of chocolate bunnies.

2. Bring the outdoors in. Natural touches like pussy willow or forsythia are beautifully subtle signs of spring. I love pussy willow because it lasts for ages and its neutral colour doesn’t compete with my decor. In the winter, I fill this vase with evergreens or holly and swap it out when the weather warms up. Using the same vessel all year round and changing up what you put inside makes decorating easy!


3. Keep your colours consistent, with a bit of flair. My centrepiece of gold foil eggs mimics the robin’s egg blue and cream of my everyday decor with a few pops of colour. The reds and pinks don’t overwhelm the room but add some fun to my normal palette. Filling a bowl with seasonal items is a simple way to switch up your decor between seasons.

What’s your seasonal decorating style? Share your tips and tricks for getting your home holiday ready in the comments!