Oh Christmas tree! (the perfect advent calendar for beer lovers)

I love getting into the Christmas spirit!

Shopping and decorating are two of my favourite things, but I try to avoid making our house look like the holidays threw up all over it. For that reason, I try to find unique ways to express my love for Christmas. This is one of those things.


Since seeing a beer of the day advent calendar online last year, I’ve been thinking about putting one together for my husband and I. Unfortunately, they’re pretty ugly. Think cardboard box with cutouts on top that you flip open to find your beer. I wanted to make sure our calendar was both deliciously functional and festively beautiful, so I dreamed up this bad boy instead.

You’ll need:

  • 25 cans of green bottled beer (I chose Steam Whistle, gotta support our local craft breweries!)
  • Base to stack the bottles on (ideally wood)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ornaments to adorn the tree (optional for those of you who are boring)


Full disclosure, I made this tree twice. The first time, I went without a base. I also started with cold beer. When I moved it into the kitchen, it slid on the cutting board I had set it on. That, combined with the temperature change left me with a heap of bottles when the glue snapped off. Luckily, no beer was lost, but I decided to rework the design for a more stable tree.

1. Start with room temperature beer, and line six bottles up on your wooden base. When they’re evenly spaced, start attaching each one with a line of glue. Hold the bottles in place until it has dried.

2. For the next two layers (five and four bottles) you will dot the bottom of each bottle with four dots of glue before nestling it on top of the layer below. The goal here is to use enough glue to hold the bottles firmly in place, but not so much that you can’t detach them for drinking.

3. The next layer will be another row of four. This means they’ll be sitting directly on top of the previous row instead of nestling. For this reason, use a whole line of glue to attach them. If you’d prefer to use 24 instead of 25 cans, you can do two rows of three instead of two rows of four, but I prefer the spacing of this look.



4. Repeat step two for the last three layers, finishing with one lonely bottle on top.

5. Put a dab of glue on each ornament and stick it to the cap of the bottle. You’ll want something relatively light. These styrofoam balls came from Dollarama.

6. If you need to move your beer tree, do so slowly and gently.


The finished product will be a majestic display of festive frivolity that glows green in the sun.

If you choose to use the tree like an advent calendar and remove a bottle each day to enjoy, you’ll want to do it carefully. Yanking at one bottle may bother the others and cause the glue to come loose. I’d suggest using a butter knife to gently pry away the glue before lifting the bottle.

This is the perfect gift for a beer lover, especially if that beer lover is yourself. You get both a month’s worth of refreshing suds,  and a daily reminder of the true meaning of Christmas (tossing back a cold one with those you love).

Go forth and make my friends!


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