Winter Glamping at Toronto West KOA

My fiancé, Ryan, and I celebrate our anniversary on Valentine’s Day. Cheesy, I know. His birthday is February 10th, so I decided to make this past weekend a triple whammy and take him for a surprise romantic winter getaway.


The Toronto West KOA was generous enough to put us up in one of their deluxe cabins, and Mother Nature did her job, supplying a solid dumping of snow and sub zero temperatures. It was a perfect cozy couple’s weekend!

The Cabin

Before picking Ryan up from work on Friday, I snuck into our cabin to drop off supplies and set the mood for Valentine’s Day. Our cabin was very well stocked so I didn’t have to worry about packing linens, dishes or any of that stuff, which made planning so simple! It allowed me to focus on the important things, like decorating every available surface with hearts ♥

KOA owner, Bridget, had even left a welcome gift basket to help us make the most of our weekend. It was stocked with hot chocolate, supplies for s’mores and a voucher for nearby conservation areas. We couldn’t have asked for more!


Our cabin was nice and toasty warm and had a fridge, microwave, coffee maker, TV, DVD player and so much more! It also had a beautiful fire pit outside, which we couldn’t pass up despite the freezing weather. We could only manage a few marshmallows before our fingers froze but it was a very cool experience to build a fire in the snow!


The Toronto West KOA is in Campbellville, smack dab in the middle of some of the most beautiful conservation land in Halton. Bridget supplied us with some snowshoes and we braved the -20 weather for a trip to Mountsberg Conservation Area to try them out. We snowshoed out to their bison compound and were lucky enough to be greeted by Steve, the head of the herd. He was so incredibly huge! It was a very cool experience.

Then we love birds headed over to Mountsberg’s Raptor Centre to get up close and personal with some real birds (not quite as loving). We’re told Echo the screech owl is a very solitary creature – even though she looks cute enough to eat 🙂

Lunch at Mohawk Chop House

By lunchtime, we were ready to warm up with a hearty meal at the Mohawk Chop House. It’s a fantastic little spot located in the Mohawk Inn and Conference Centre, which is connected to the KOA by a scenic trail. We shared some croquettes to start off, then Ryan had the fish sandwich, and I had the braised beef stroganoff. All three were delicious and the Chop House had a wonderfully homey feel to it.

After all that food we were ready to head back into winter for some more exercise. The Conservation Halton day pass that Bridget included in our welcome basket lets you visit as many parks as you want in one day so we capped off the afternoon with a 3 km hike at Crawford Lake. Unfortunately, our camera and phones hated the cold weather so much, they refused to work, but trust me, the view was spectacular!

Cooking in the Cabin 

Preparing our meals in the cabin was one of the highlights of the weekend. There was something very romantic about being nestled inside, making dinner while the snow fell around us. Ryan and I are big food lovers so I found some creative ways to cook without a traditional stove. We made fondue Saturday night and it was fantastic!

Eating breakfast while the sun streamed in through the windows was also wonderful. The sunlight bouncing off the beautiful pine interior of the cabin was just beautiful!


All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend getaway. And it was only a 30 minute drive from our home in Hamilton. We will definitely be back!


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