Calling all winos!

I’m sharing one of my favourite DIYs for a wine cork trivet. Because you need an excuse to drink more vino.

wine cork trivet


For those of you who don’t know, a trivet is used to protect surfaces from hot dishes and pans. When you serve family style and put your cookware directly on the table, it is a must-have.

If you’re knocking back a few bottles a week, it won’t take you long to accumulate enough corks for this fun and functional kitchen accessory. Otherwise, I suggest you ask friends and family to collect some for you. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help 😉

You’ll need 40-60 similarly sized corks depending on the size of trivet you want to make. Uniform height is most important. Some tutorials will suggest soaking your corks and cutting them to size but that is not worth the time or effort. I suggest you keep drinking instead.

wine cork trivet bird's eye

The collecting is what takes time- once you’ve assembled your materials, this project will come together in minutes. You’ll need:

  • 40-60 evenly sized corks
  • 8-10 inch metal hose clamp (easy to find at the hardware store)


  1. Arrange your corks in a circle nice and snug so the edges are even. I turned all my red wine corks upward to create a colourful effect.
  2. Place your hose clamp around the corks and tighten it with a screw driver to hold them in place (you’ll understand what I mean once you have your hose clamp). The clamp should sit about halfway down the corks. Tighten it nice and snugly so the middle corks can’t slip out.
  3. Use your new trivet to protect your table from hot serving dishes. It’s that easy!

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